Our Mission Activities Pictures
Our Postal Mailing Address;
Brother Sunil Paul Chapala
Love Each Other Ministries
Jonnada (P.O.Box) 533233
(Via) Alamuru, E.G. District
Andhra Pradesh, S. India


Skype Address ; Chapala62

Email To Our President and Our secretary Mrs.Sumathi

Paul; Chapala4@yahoo.com


Our Strong Faith in the Lord: We are completely depending upon the Lord’s provision. God knows our needs and hears our prayers. He provides for our every need through people like you, you are His source of blessing for “Love Each Other Ministries”. Therefore He has shown you about our work through this site. Proverbs 3:27 whenever you are able, do good to people who need help As the lord leads you. Please try to make an effort to become a partner and sponsor for the work of Love Each Other Ministries, or perhaps you and your friends and churches, that have a heart for Jesus, by becoming a partner or sponsor for Our Mission in India. We need your spiritual direction and prayerful support to magnifying the Lord Jesus Christ. We are praying to the Lord to get the required resources from agencies and churches to continue the ministry. 

Please Prayerful Consider about us and Pray for Our needs!

1. Feeding Food clothes for Orphans, Widows, Leprous, ect!
2. Monthly Salaries for 50 Pastors to do His Ministry/social
3. New Church plantings and LEOM office Construction Cost
4. Bicycles for 50 Pastors and A Van for Our gospel Itinerary
5. Electrical Sound Systems/Training bible classes expedition
6. 500 Telugu Bible/Gospel Tracts Prints Cost/Medical Camps

How Do You Make Donations For Our Ministry in India

For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap according Gal 6:7.

Our organization depends only on our supporters and donations and gifts to keep our ministry going.  If you have been blessed by God that please feel free to send donations to our ministry as the lord leads you. 

go to Web pages  and submit our details to Money Transfer; 

Go to www.westernunion.com or www.moneygram.com

Receiver Name; Sunil Paul Chapala Receiver  State;- Andhra Pradesh
Receiver City Name ; Jonnada Receiver  Counter name ; India
Receiver Postal Pin Code ; 533 233 Receiver  Phone;- 8187876638
Receiver Door Number ; 5-80 Our Email; Chapala4@yahoo.com 
Receiver  District;- East Godavari Go to our update Pictures,   Kick Here

Please Send me MTCN Code to Our Email address. Your support will be greatly appreciated.Your donations will help us to do more works in India for the glory of God. Please send your church materials/gifts/Books and Bibles/gospel Tracts and checks and used Clothes/any useful or practical item to our Postal Mailing Address; Sunil Paul Chapala, Jonnada -P.O.Box 533233 E.G.Dt.,Andhra Pradesh, India. Donate us by Plum funds;

Please donate us by My Pay Pal Account; Chapala4@yahoo.com

Donate Us By Bank Wire Transform 

President/ Treasure Account; Our Ministry Bank account
Account  Number ;10912769908

Account Names;Sunil Paul & Joseph

Bank IFS Code; SBIN0000904


Bank MICR Code; 533002050

Bank Name; State Bank of India

Branch Code; 904 (Kambala)

Brach Name; SBI- Rajahmundry

Bank Address; RJY- 533 105

District ; East Godavari

State; Andhra Pradesh

Counter ; India (South India)

Account Number ; 31340973630

A/Name;Love Each Other Ministries

Bank IFSC CODE;  SBIN0000996

Bank MICR CODE;533002106

Bank Name: State Bank of India

Branch name &  Code : SBI -996

Bank Address: SBI –Mandapeta

District : East Godavari

State: Andhra Pradesh

Counter ; India (South India)

BANK NO: 91-8855-232208

WEBSITE: http://www.sbi.co.in